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How to juggle motherhood and photography

I received an email last week… And it broke my heart.

Trying to balance kids, spouse, grocery shopping, laundry, car pool, class projects, dinner, more laundry and cleaning the toilet is HARD ENOUGH.  Add a business to that and it can be downright exasperating.

Especially if you feel that other women seem to be able to do it all…  And. you. just. can’t.  If you’ve ever felt that way, today’s video is for you!

 In today’s video Kelli France and I will discuss:

  • How to find balance and “freakish focus”
  • When and how to work from home
  • How to create to-do lists that really get done
  • How to juggle motherhood and photography

 Kelli and I are each committed to helping you find your happy place! Check out Kelli’s Bonjourganization Boot Camp starting in January

or my program, The Thriving Photographer where I walk you through exactly how to make a lot more money while having a lot more time for the rest of your life.

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Are you ready for more?  I’m determined to prove to as many photographers as will let me that you can have passion, profits and time for a great life.  I create six-figure photographers, and I’d love to teach you, step-by-step, how it’s done.  This is happening for photographers from all over the world who are just like you.  Let me prove just how wildly successful YOU can be!

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  1. Stacy Brooks says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’m a new fan for you both and totally related to everything you were saying (even the trying to hide the changing table pad part!). It’s so nice to hear from others out there who not only make it work, but are successful at it too!

  2. Melanie Matthews says:

    Thank you Leah for the once again amazing post! I needed that one!

  3. Trysha says:

    Thank you! I’ve already made the decision to not advertise for weddings (weddings kill my post work flow, they take me forever to wrap up.) until my youngest starts school.

    I’ve always said that when I get busy enough (my definition: turning a regular profit) I’m not going to begin outsourcing editing or album design…I’m getting a house cleaner!! I’m not ready to let go of control of any aspect of my business but I am totally prepared to let someone else clean the bathroom.

    • Thanks so much for adding your thoughts Trysha… That’s what I did. And you’ll be amazed once you let one thing go… You’ll start dreaming of letting more go too. First it was house cleaning, then it was editing… And on it went! 😉

  4. Emily Krbec says:

    Thanks for the great video ladies! I just wrote FREAKISH FOCUS really really big on my white board. I think this idea was exactly what I needed to hear right now. Cheers

    • You’re so welcome Emily! When you resolve to really make things happen and have a absolute freakish focus! It is amazing what can happen for your business and the even the rest of your life too!

  5. Leanda says:

    Hi Kelli & Leah, Thanks so much for this it was perfect for me too. The ‘freakish focus’ thing is SO true! I’m sure I get more done in the last 1/2hr before my kids get home from school than I do all day sometimes… A to-do list is such a lifesaver! I have one for work and one for personal/family stuff, so depending on which ‘hat’ I’m wearing, I know what needs to be done. Thanks again! Leanda 🙂

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