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How to Begin Accepting Credit Cards

Are you accepting credit cards? You should be… and guess what? It’s easy.

What are the benefits of accepting credit-cards?

1. You look more professional. A person asking that a check be made out to her, rather than a business… just doesn’t scream, ‘respect my business!’ (BTW – that means you need a business account.)

2. Less cancelations. Accepting credit cards allows you to collect the full session fee over the phone at the time of booking. This inevitably helps clients take their session appointment seriously – leaving you with far fewer reschedule requests.

3.  Get bigger sales. If ”cash or check’  is the only option, you’re leaving hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars on the table. By giving them a credit card option, you’re making it possible for them to say, ‘yes’ to what they really want.


How to begin accepting Credit Cards:

1. Be legit.  First you must have a business license with a business checking account.

2. Go to you bank.  Find out what programs and options they have available for you.

3.  Do your research.  Look into different merchant services such as Square (by JPMorgan/Chase), PayPal and Intuit for costs and fee structures.

4. Compare rates and monthly fees. There are 2 different fee structures included for each transaction. The processor’s fees and the merchant’s fee. You’ll want to make sure that you understand exactly how much each transaction will cost.

5. Start swiping!

If you’re not already, I highly suggest getting setup to receive credit cards… This isn’t just about more money either. It’s also about feeling more in control, more legit… and more confident as a business owner. There’s just something really great about saying, ‘Visa or MasterCard?”

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