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What are your emails really saying about you?

Your email is often the first POC (point of contact) between you and future clients.  That contact form pops into your inbox, and you go to reply – but are you sure you’re sending out the right message for your brand?  Here’s a hint is not a good start.

Utilizing a solid email address and a concise, professional auto signature will speak volumes for your professionalism.  Creating an auto signature is only about a 5-minute task, but it’s effect on the tone of each one of your emails is immeasurable.  I receive so many emails on a daily basis that either: a) don’t utilize them properly, or b) don’t have one at all.   A good auto signature (a.s.) builds credibility and increases trust.

Here’s are a couple brief checklists to help you quickly and effectively improve your email address:


The Email Looks Good:

  • Email Signatures should include Name, Company Name, Website, Contact Number and Company Address if appropriate.
  • Email Signature may also include social media links and business hours, but be selective with what you share.
  • Using the email account associated with your website address lends professionalism!  (, for example)
  • Gmail accounts are the complete norm for savvy business owners, as it allows their virtual assistants easy access.
  • Make sure email name is professional. rather than  (Yes, clients notice!)
  • Keep it short, sweet, precise and professional.
  • Include a small logo or – better yet – a small headshot so that the recipient can put a face with the text.
  • Keep your text simple and clean, and avoid multiple color and font changes. (You don’t know how it will appear in their inbox.)
  • Respond to emails quickly, but only during business hours.  A quick email response time screams, ‘I care!’
  • Your email should qualify as: simple, memorable, concise.



The Email is… Not Awesome:

  • Do not include multiple phone numbers and email address – choose your POC info and stick with it.
  • And while we’re at it, why are you including your email address?  You are emailing them!
  • Think carefully about that quote you’ve included. Is it really representing your brand?
  • Don’t include a legal disclaimer unless you actually need to.  (It’s a bit pretentious.)
  • If you’re using AOL or Hotmail – STOP!  Clients notice, and it doesn’t scream ‘legit.’
  • Don’t include personal Facebook, Twitter or other Social Details.
  • Your entire signature should not consist solely of an image; it’s completely impractical and outright irritating when the recipient can’t actually click on the link.
  •  Your a.s. (auto signature) really shouldn’t have a higher word count than your email.  Skip the biographical novel.
  • Don’t respond to clients at 9pm on Friday night.  You’re sending 2 very bad signals: 1) I’m desperate; 2) I’ll be at your beck and call 24/7.
  • Don’t be afraid to show some you-flare. Yes, emails should be precise, but it’s still a great opportunity to build brand perception.




Your emails (and how they are delivered) say a lot about your business.  Take the time to make sure you’re sending the right message!  Send emails from a professional email address; craft a simple and memorable auto signature that leaves the recipient engaged and informed without overwhelming them; and finally, make your response time a priority – your customers will appreciate hearing back from you before they expected. (Just don’t reply at 2am on a Saturday!)  Just keep thinking, “simple, memorable, concise.”
Here’s to a happier inbox!

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Are you ready for more?  I’m determined to prove to as many photographers as will let me that you can have passion, profits and time for a great life.  I’d love to teach you, step-by-step, how it’s done.  This is happening for photographers from all over the world who are just like you.  Let me prove just how wildly successful YOU can be!

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  1. Love this Leah! So adding this to my buffer.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for this Leah! I’ve been in business for 5 years and have continuously put off setting up my email signature, but today you’ve given me the little push I needed to get it done.

    Thanks for being awesomely you! 🙂

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