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5 Tricks for Photographing Young Kids

I specialize in children, families and seniors – but even within that niche, I seem to have a special focus on kiddos 5 and under.  Perhaps it’s that whole, ‘you attract what you show’ concept.  All I know is that 75% of the kids I photograph are under the age of 5.  But that’s great by me, because I love photographing this age!

What’s so funny is that we each have “that age” or “that type” which we just love to work with.  My friend, Karen, and I were just talking about this… She’s also a children and family photographer, but she’d much rather focus on the older kids – like that tween stage.  And while I enjoy working with that age, too, I feel like I’m really  in my element when I’m photographing the young ones.

So today… I’m sharing my 5 favorite tips and tricks to photographing young children.



Love the backdrop?

Me too!

It’s Spangled from Drop it Modern


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  1. Leah says:

    Love it!!! Great job:) helps being adorable.

  2. Pez dispenser in the shoe mount!!!! Brilliant!

  3. Gladys says:

    Your video was simply brilliant!!!! The tips are totally doable. Thank u!!!!!!!!

  4. Idie says:

    I love the paper punch idea! I’m definitely using it. I have lots of pez dispensers, too, and have been meaning to try to fit them onto my camera shoe!

    • So glad you liked it Idie! The dad at Saturday’s shoot was so funny!! He was like, “WHOA!!! Is that what those are made for?” I said no and showed him where i had cut it and then he was like, “Oh! Cause if that was and I’m only just realizing it – it was going to blow my mind.” LOL!!

  5. Lu says:

    I am getting ready to shoot some 5 year old kids. Thanks for the tips! I’ll be using them.

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