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The Thrive Retreat – Florida (via Instagram)

What a roller-coaster!  There is so much to tell you and so little time (right now).  But here’s the mini synopsis… We got home late Wednesday night (the 10th) from the Thrive Retreat in Florida (Which was so insanely fun that I cannot even wait for our Seattle rendition in June!).  These 19 photographers that came and spent the weekend with me are such incredible women!  They are talented, beautiful and just radiate so much amazing passion and power!  It was incredible for me to be able to see and hear the stories of where they were before investing in The Thriving Photographer™, where they are now (which is insane!) and then help them strategize how to take it even further and into every corner of their lives… A-MAZ-ING! 

Okay back to my (not as mini) synopsis… 

On Thursday the 11th, the hubs and I woke up and brought over our first load to our new home/Christmas tree farm.  We kept on brining loads over and working to get moved out of our old place and into our new home and then on Saturday…  Our very Dr. Hotstuff (aka – the hubs) went and picked up our new puppy, who had just flown in from Oklahoma.  Cause you know, it make perfect sense to get a brand new puppy when you’re still in the process of moving in. (Umm… No, it does not!)  

I can’t wait to tell you all about each of the adventures we’ve been having.  

I’ve worked like crazy to just get us unpacked and settled and am so happy to say that I think I’m about 95% there.  I’m left to those annoying boxes where you didn’t know where to put this stuff in your old house and you sure as heck don’t know where to put it in the new house… Blah! 

So there you have it… You’re reading the blog of Washington’s newest city girl turned farmer (I have some serious Googling to do) who just got home from hosting her debut Mastermind Thrive Retreat in Florida and has recently welcomed a brand new German Shorthair Pointer to the family.  Now I’m off to go collect eggs from the chickens… 

|  Special thank you to all the girls, especially Teryn Robinson for sharing their Instagrams for this post  |

To be continued. 

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  1. Leah says:

    might have been the best week EVER. This post is making me sooooo nostalgic!!!! Leah, your mind, heart, spirit, talent and work ethic are inspiring hundreds (probably millions) of photographers all over the world, what more could you ask for?!?!?!

you said:

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