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How to Get Featured on the Cover of a Magazine

There are those things… You know, the ones that seem like, “whoa!”

The ones where you just wish someone would pull back the curtain and show you exactly how they managed to make  “it” happen.  Today I’m excited to be pulling back the proverbial curtain for you.

I have had the great honor to be featured in several publications – from magazines, such as Chic Magazine, Professional Photographer, Portland Family Magazine, and Vancouver Family Magazine to books such as  Visual Marketing (available at Barnes & Noble), Photography Web Marketing, and Photographer’s Web Marketing Guide and everything in-between.

The first time you get published is, of course, the hardest.  So today I’m walking you through exactly how I got my first two magazine covers.  And I have great news… It wasn’t that hard!

Love the BACKDROP? We do to! It’s Spangled from Drop it Modern!




  1. Leah says:

    ummm you’re getting REALLY good at this video thing:) LOVE!

  2. Marinda says:

    Great tips, thanks Leah!

you said:

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