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Chic Retreat, Seattle – Recap

What an amazing group of women, all brought together because we love photography!  

The Chic Retreat was such a fantastic experience… The women (Wow! Such fantastic women!), the location, the inspiration, the swag, the limos, the surprises, the umbrellas and the photo shoots… It was all amazing!  I was so incredibly honored (sometimes people just toss that word out because they think they should, but I was truly and deeply honored!) to be asked to be one of the speakers for the retreat! 

Thank you so much to my fabulous sponsors, The Organic Bloom (the Bloom family came to the retreat which was so much fun – I love them!!), WHCC and The Thriving Photographer. These are amazing business, without which – I couldn’t make my business what it is today! 

Besides Kelli France, I didn’t actually personally know any of the other speakers before The Chic Retreat.  But we bonded instantly!  Isn’t it such an amazing feeling when you meet someone and you just instantly connect?! Now imagine my bliss when I met 6 women for the first time and instantly clicked with all of them!?!!  Jean Smith (who, btw, took the photo of all of us that you see above), Michelle Huesgen (Untamed Heart), Laura Winslow, Heidi Hope, Kara May and Sarah Cornish… There is a reason why you all love these women, and it’s not just for their photography – it’s for who they are, too! Love you all! xoxox 

The day of the shoots was definitely the most nerve-racking for me!  Put me up in front of a thousand of you with a microphone to tell you why and how you can create a great business… No sweat! I live for that!  BUT, put me in front of a few of you with my camera instead of my KeyNote, and I get a lot more nervous! 

Lucky for me, I had the most amazing models! Inna and Erica were so fabulous to work with! They were so much fun and so gorgeous and we just seriously had a blast together! 




Basically… I wanna go back!!!  It was so much fun!  Every part of it was just inspiration overload!  Allowing each of us to push ourselves and dream to new heights! It was a fabulous weekend filled with fabulous people! I love Chic Retreat!


  1. Maryo says:

    Hi, im one of your followers, i would like to know….. what software are you using when you post process the photo or what plug-ins…….Thank you so much 🙂

    • Hey Maryo, Each of these images were processed by different photographers, all of which attended the Thrive Retreat. So I don’t know if I can answer that unless you were specifically talking about mine?

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