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The big secret is that there is no ONE secret.

I kept looking… and looking… For that one thing. 

The one that would make the difference. That would give me what I was so badly wanting.

It turned out it never was – or even could be – one thing. 

It was a series of small things, tried in a hundred different ways, that when brought together created great results.

There was no one step that brought success. It’s not just a great website, or just a great camera.  It’s not just focusing on SEO, or just focusing on a great brand, or just focusing on pricing… Or any other just.  

It is working day by day to bring all of your great ideas to light, to reality, to fruition. 

In the end it was bringing all the aspects together… Branding, Pricing, Sales, Marketing, Workflow, Web Presence, Portfolio – Working day by day in each area until success came. (If you want to know exactly what I did, step by step, go here.) 

Vincent Van Gogh was right  “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”  

Secret to photography success
Art Created by Caleb Boyles



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