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Photographer’s Favorites for Summer


Are you ready? Okay, close your eyes. Oh wait! Never mind, you need to be able to read this. Well, just imagine…

You’re business is reaching new levels you never thought possible, ever since investing in  The Thriving Photographer Program.  Thrive is loaded in iTunes, and you’re soaking up the ideas as you drive to your session location .  You arrive just early enough to scout. You hop out of the car in your beautiful flowy dress, grab your fabulous ONA camera bag and pop a refreshing bottle of lemonade inside the flap.

Doesn’t that just sound like a fabulous day?!! 

Photographer's Favorites for Summer1. The Thriving Photographer  |  2. Gap   |  3. Chic Magazine  |  4. Kate Spade Sunglasses  |  5. Smashbox Lip Pot  |   6.Ruche  |  7. Clinique Waterproof Mascara  |  8. Hawaiian Tropics Sunscreen  |  9. Hubert’s Lemonade  | 10. ONA Camera Bag (The Brooklyn) 



  1. Ellen LeRoy says:

    I’d love to share an Abie Camera Strap with you. It would work great on a style board for photographers. Come take a look and message me with the one you want to try. We donate all our profits to treat curable blindness in third world countries.

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