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How Much Marketing Should You be Doing for Your Photography Business

You hear about marketing often enough, but how much of it should you really be doing? 

Today I’m giving you the formula to answer this question for yourself.

And here’s why I’m so excited about it…

First, you’re going to probably realize that you’re not doing anywhere near enough marketing.  But then I hope you’ll feel the sweet release of that pressure… The pressure that you’ve put on yourself to turn every single inquiry into a booking. That’s a 100% conversion rate, and that’s just not a fair expectation to set on yourself. Let me show you what I mean… 

Love the BACKDROP? We do, too! It’s Spangled, from the fabulous Drop it Modern!


Tell us how much marketing YOU really need to be doing OR share your best marketing tip! 



  1. Jamie Larson says:

    Oh my gosh, this video cracked me up! Soooo true, FB and family/friends will get you people who want a really good deal, not be your target market!

  2. Meghan G says:

    You cracked me up with the facebook and fam & friends isn’t marketing… HA! But then I felt silly cause that was exactly me! Thanks Leah for the awesome content 🙂

    • Oh good! I’m glad it was funny. But isn’t that so true!! That’s what most of us start out by doing and that we realize that these people suck as clients and it’s time for some better ones! Did I just really say that? Yes I did!

  3. Karin Prunty says:

    Cracking up over the Facebook marketing. Guilty as charged! Love the idea of doing a Photography 101 Class to Mom’s. Now to find that group of mom’s…. Thank you so much for the great advice.

  4. We apply this formula to our marketing and understand that because you quote on 20 possible shoots – it means if you are correct in your forecast you will end up only doing 25% of them.

    • The 20 was actually to multiple up the stats. Not for 20 sessions.

      I’m so glad you’re helping photographers realize how much really should be involved for marketing. The bottom line, and since you help photographers as well, I know you’ll agree… Is that 96.47% of photographers need to do a whole lot more marketing. 🙂

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