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Why she’s more successful than you, even though you live in the same town.

Have you ever had your own opinion and then realized it had completely changed because of something else someone else said to you? Maybe about a product or a person or maybe even yourself?

Today’s episode isn’t being shot from our normal studio… Today I’m on vacation in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah.

I know I could have just said, “Come back next week.”  But you need to hear this.  It’s important, and it’s about where you’re taking your business. 

Today I’m sharing a story.  It’s about two photographers.  They live in the same town with access to the same clients and are both talented. 

One photographer is making an average sale of $2000, with a booked schedule and the other photographer gave up. 

Here’s what happened… 

I don’t believe in being reasonable about your goals!  I also know that a goal is just a dream written down. 

Teryn has seen her business go from an overwhelming time-suck that wasn’t profitable to a dream business where she is absolutely in control – where she makes the rules, sets the hours and averages  $2000 sales.  Are you ready to join her and hundreds of other photographers from around the world?  

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