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Call Me Maybe – Professional Photographer’s Music Video Party

We interrupt this weeks broadcast to bring you a very “special” video…

BUT before you watch the said “video”, I’d love to explain WHY we do these and it’s not just to let my inner adolescent pop-star (who use to practice the Whitney Houston arms and lip quiver in her bedroom) come out… Nope, it’s not – well at least not entirely. 

Here’s the thing, if you want to be successful, you are going to have to get outside of your comfort zone.  As in the kind of uncomfortable where your palms are sweaty and you have an entire internal dialogue over what you’re about to do. If you have yet to experience this at least a dozen times this year, then you did not push yourself and you haven’t even scratched the surface of what you’re capable of doing. 

These videos are my crazy way of helping my Thrivers get super uncomfortable in a really fun and safe group environment.  At the beginning of our weekend retreat when we talk about making one of these, everyone is feeling a bit shy.  By the end everyone’s empowered, excited and feeling outright awesome because we know our kids are going to think we are super cool when they see what we just did! 

At The Thriver’s Retreats we’re all about building up awesome! All of the women attending are already members of The Thriving Photographer™ program so they already know how to rock their business. That’s why we focus on next level strategies. Spending lots of time working on bringing in more balance and just having crazy fun shooting, learning and growing together. 

The Thrive Girls choose to do a video party on Call Me Maybe, because we’ve all had the potential client that we were just dying to give our number to! And a very special thanks to our models who joined in on the fun of making this video!




  1. Claudia Lewis says:

    Oh my goodness, seeing Nadine run and fall as she was trying to hand out her card to those women made me laugh out loud! Really enjoyed the video.

  2. Misha says:

    You guys are officially TOO much fun!!!

  3. Karyn Collins says:

    This is LOL super awesome sauce!!

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