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How to Create Your Best Business Year Yet!

At the start of every year we each have big plans to live better. How have the last few years gone? Do you feel like you’re living better from the start of last year? Are you happier? Are you more fulfilled? Have your relationships grown deeper? 

Several years ago it was my time to ask what I wanted…I wanted things to change! I wanted to actually go to bed at a normal time instead of when my head hit the keyboard. I wanted to stop looking at my house and feeling angry at myself over all the mess and chaos knowing I couldn’t even think of an upcoming time slot to clean it. I wanted to actually feel like I could sit down and watch a movie with my hubby and not worry about all the editing and blogging and work that needed me. I wanted to stop looking into my kids faces and feeling such tremendous guilt as I said, “just a few more minutes”…again.  I wanted to actually make money with my photography so that I could contribute something more than “free pictures” to my own family. I wanted to stop feeling like I was failing. 

I had lost control. I knew that if I didn’t change things soon, I would be facing a lifetime of regret and I couldn’t live with that. 

When I really dug deep, this is the list of what I wanted to see change… 


  • I wanted to bring in a substantial income through my photography that would truly help my family. 
  • I wanted my kids to know I would be there for them and with them…starting with me being in their classrooms.
  • I wanted my husband to stop having to go to bed without me, in fact, I wanted to be able to have cuddle time and watch movies together and actually start looking at my evenings as a time to relax again. (Which seemed so foreign at the time!) 
  • I wanted to feel content with myself. The guilt and frustration I felt toward myself had become my norm, I was ready to be happy with me again. 

It was a huge list that was going to take a lot of work but I couldn’t let another year go by feeling so broken and frustrated and guilty. I was willing to work as hard as I had to in order to get control back.  So the next year came and…


  • I was averaging $2000.00 sales with a multi week wait list.
  • I brought my session count down to 1 a week making it possible for me to start “clocking out” at reasonable times. 
  • I was back to spending most evenings with my husband instead of my computer.
  • I was deserving my children’s faith in me and I was also in each of their classrooms every week! 
  • I had found my confidence! I literally felt like a new woman! I went from feeling like a failure to feeling like one of the most blessed women on the planet! 


I chronicled everything!  I tracked, monitored and detailed exactly how I did it. I knew I wasn’t alone as ‘The Old Me’ and I wanted to help other women find their joy again too. 

Best Year Yet

Free Printable by C.R.A.F.T.

After  months of intense work to build a training program that could truly change lives I released, The Thriving Photographer™ to the world.

And it has changed lives all over the world! Ranging from The Middle East to Minneapolis, photographers are investing in their future. They are implementing what they learn from The Thriving Photographer™ and seeing their lives change!  

If you can related to ‘THE OLD ME’… If you want to see huge changes in 2014 I want you to know that it’s possible. 

As Dena McMullen said, “Thrive is PRICELESS to me. If you haven’t already, you absolutely MUST purchase this program. I did & I haven’t looked back!! Thank you, Leah, for all that you do!”

In 365 days from today you can either feel the same feelings of frustration and guilt or you can change your life.  I truly believe you can have the life you imagine! 

Are you ready to make 2014 the best year of your life


If you are truly ready to see your circumstances change, The Thriving Photographer™ will give you the tools, the training and  step-by-step directions on how to to do it. 

Plus with our 110% guarantee, there is no risk and so much to gain. To hear the stories of transformation of other Thrivers, click here. To join the wonderful world of Thriving Photographers and see what’s really possible for you in one year, go here



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