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How to Create a Blog worth Following with Laura Winslow

I am so excited to have my special guest and awesome friend Laura Winslow with me for this weeks episode of video Friday!  Laura has been rocking the photography blogging world for years now and that means she has some great insights that I wanted to expose!  Luckily, I know my friend loves to help other photographers and that she’d be more than willing to share her thoughts on content, scheduling strategies and just overall blogging style! 

Grab yourself a snack, sit down with a pen and paper and give yourself 15 minutes to get inspired over how to make your blog better! 

I love when Laura said, “blogging is like going to the gym – the more you do it, the better your results!” <– Click to Tweet it out! (minute 12:41)

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  1. Oh, this was great! Just now taking my blog seriously in the new year. Thanks, girls!

  2. Wonderful and helpful post. I’m inspired by not just the benefits of blogging but blogging just for my desired audience! Thanks Laura and Leah! Love video Fridays! Oh and I love Thrive, too! 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for such a fun chat, Leah! You are awesome and it was a blast, as always! Love ya! xoxo

  4. […] Wednesday. 2. Set a Schedule.  One of Laura Winslow‘s amazing tips when she guested on last weeks episode of Video Friday was the free WordPress  Editorial Calendar plugin.  We immediately put this plugin to work at […]

  5. Rebecca Houg says:

    Hi there! Trying to figure out how/where to get the Editorial Calendar plugin… any other advice on the details of where to get this/install/etc. would be awesome!

  6. Sarah Hill says:

    Great tips! Im trying to figure out scheduling my blog post and Facebook, but when I go to schedule my Facebook post by using the link from the blog post that hasn’t been published yet, its says Page Not Found. Have any idea why that is happening?

    • Hi Sarah! Hmmm. Do a test one and see what happens. I always grab the ‘short link’ once I’ve scheduled the post and drop that (along with an image from the post) into FB and schedule it out. It’s probably because you’re dropping the link before the image so it’s searching for it to pull from. But when it doubt just do a test run. 😀

  7. Sean Henry says:

    This is GREAT information. Im helping my wife start her own business and working to bring the blogging side into focus. Its super important to do right what she said int he beginning

    “My style isnt for everybody, but whent hey visit my blog they get who I am”.

    Its important to be authentic and spend time on it!

    Thanks for the encouragement and support! A photographer friend turned us on to your site, and Im already sold!

    • Thanks so much Sean! It’s so nice to meet you! I’m so happy you found us and so excited for your wife. This is a crazy journey but when done right, photography can offer a very lucrative, freeing and fulfilling business!

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