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Why you’re not performing at the level you could be

Today as you read this, my hubby and I are traveling through the Mexican Riviera and the view was so breathtaking that I just knew, I had to film a quick video for you.

One of the reasons for agreeing to this trip, (besides getting to use my Kate Spade passport) despite the fact that planning a trip while planning to move is not the best timing…was because with everything going on in our life, I knew I needed a solid reboot.

You see, I’m terrible at turning my computer off! I always have so many applications, windows and tabs up that I never want to shut it down…but inevitably it always happens. The wheels start to spin and things slow way, way down until it freezes up. I am forced to reboot.

We are a lot like that (especially as female entrepreneurs) – we too are trying to run so many projects and so many “applications” and we don’t ever want to fully walk away. And with work being on our phones, iPads, in the next room, it makes it easy to always be on and always be working.

But just like my lagging computer, we to begin to lag. We too begin to see the signs that say, we need to reset our own ram.

Have you ever:
– Realized you were getting angry over things that normally would not bother you?
– Started feeling foggy in key areas that you once knew very well?
– Began feeling a depleted level of passion for things that normally bring you great joy and satisfaction?

Then you have probably experienced the need to reboot. I’m in the middle of my own “reboot” as you read this and I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you to do the same.

I’ve been in that place where I refused to make time to rest, where I convinced myself that I had  to work, that I had to be in my office. I was wrong and if I hadn’t figured it out when I did, I could have not only hurt the potential of my business success, but more critically, I could have hurt the most precious relationships in my life.

We all need a chance to reset our “ram”. We need to take the time to rejuvenate before we are forced to. I fully believe that when this is done, you become a better partner, a better parent and a better business owner.



  1. I love your message but the whole time I was thinking… Leah! Your missing that whole canal thing behind you!!! :o) You’ll have to watch your video to see it!! Have a great vacation! Well deserved!


  2. Idie says:

    oh my gosh…you are on a chairlift! I was wondering what that was. Hope you are having a fabulous time!

  3. Stacey Baker says:

    Thanks Leah!

    I hope you had a fabulous time “rebooting”! I am counting down to my “reboot” in 2 days. We are headed to Disney World (our favorite place on earth)!!! We have not had a family vaca in 2 years. This trip, I will be running my 1st Disney Princess 1/2 marathon! Yipee!

  4. Don’t worry, I rode it a couple more times and took it all in!! But you are so sweet to be worrying about me! xoxo

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