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A Photography Biz Success Story

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I set out to create a business training program that would transform lives.  I knew it was possible because the same strategies that I teach in The Thriving Photographer™, first transformed my own life. 

Today, Arizona based Family Photographer Christine Mosby is sharing her story! 

This is what she said when she sent me this amazing video…”I thank my lucky stars I found you and you were willing to help me!  You have impacted my life in ways you’ll never understand! Your willingness to help not only me but so many others, speaks volumes to your selflessness and caring for others!!! Thank you again!! ”  – Christine 

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  1. Jodi says:

    Christine that’s AWESOME!!! So amazing to hear all these Thrive stories. I hope to be adding my story sometime this year 🙂 Great job girl!!

  2. Hi ladies,

    I have been so busy, I forgot to check back on this video! Thank you so much Jodi! It has been lots of fun! You rock Leah!!!!!

you said:

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