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8 Amazingly Bright & Beautiful Home Offices

The whole process of moving does not have me excited! Didn’t I just do this?  Oh wait, I did just do this. It hasn’t even been one year since we moved to our Christmas Tree Farm, the place I was sure I’d be living on till, well…forever.  But dreams change, opportunities come and now we’re off on a new adventure.

While I’ll admit that the idea of packing boxes does not please me.  The idea of new space that I can transform and make my own, does! One of the rooms I’m most excited about would have to be my home office!

So far my new home office ‘must list’ includes:
– Bright & Airy
– Gold Accents
– Great Lighting
– Back not to the door

My ‘might want to try’ list includes: 

– Wall Paper
– Standing Desk
– Desk in the Center of the Room

Wall paintHome Office of Ashley Ella Design

White Bright Home OfficeThe Office of Yasam Stil

Beautiful office space ...
Pinterest with no direct link to original creator

why does every office photo feature a desk that faces a wall? who wants to stare at a wall? now THIS is what i'm talking about. when the kids get in trouble, send them to my home office. ;)
From Centsational Girl

20 Beautiful Home Offices | Bright Bold and Beautiful Room transformed into Home Office by JDS Designs


Home Office by Butler Armsden Architects

Design by Susan Hopkins

Wallpaper with panneling
Source: Brittanickel

What would you add to your dream office must list? 




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