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Top Tips, Tricks & Tools – Featuring Kelli France

Luxe Workshop Speakers Feature
The Wednesday features continue! This time with one of my dearest friends, Kelli France of Chic Critique Forum and fellow speaker, for The Luxe Workshops (we love coming up with reasons to hang out together!) that will be coming to Palm Springs in September! Today Kelli is sharing her personal top 3 tips, tricks and tools!!

top tricks

1. When posing, I always ask the client to take a deep breath. Instantly, they look waaaay more relaxed in their pose.

2. When photographing kids, I bring a treasure box full of toys & candy bars and then tell them that if they do what I ask, they’ll get to pick from my Treasure Box. Works like a charm! 
3. Keep Moms busy in the background by having them hold reflectors or take Behind the Scenes phone photos. They’ll be less likely to fret when you put them to work.
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top tips

1. Fake it till you make it. Don’t wait for someone to crown you with confidence. Start sloppy and improve as you go.

2. Spoil your clients. Give them something to talk about! Word of mouth is THE best marketing tool.
3. Create work hours. This is HUGE! Define them and then determine how many you can take on based on your work hours. 

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top tools
1. I use this cordless leaf blower to create a windblown look on Seniors-ha! They think it’s hilarious and it’s kinda become my mascot when shooting

2. My 85 mm 1.4 lens doesn’t really leave my camera. It’s like BUTTA! 

3. Blogstomp
makes for super easy & efficient blog posts. It’s life-changing!


The Luxe Workshop is heading to Palm Springs and this is an event that you don’t want to miss!!!! Oh yeah!  Take advantage of the payment plan option and register early, Luxe in Las Vegas sold out.

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