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The Right Client = Right Dollar Signs | Mozi Magazine

I was thrilled (as in I did my happy dance!) when Mozi Magazine contacted me to see if I would write an article for them on attracting the right clients.  I am even more excited that it’s actually here in the June 2014 children and family edition, which is now available. 

We all want a select group of amazing clients to work with and we all want to work less and make more; however, without the proper clientele we end up working more and making less.  “Wait, what just happened – this is not what I signed up for!” Can you relate? When I first started my biz, I was on the give-it-all train and let me tell you, the return was not good!


It wasn’t just about the product or files that I was giving away either. It was also (and actually more so) about the time I was giving up over and over because I deceived myself into thinking that I had to. Basically I was giving my best time to my clients and in the process I was letting my home, husband, kids, health…we can about sum that up to everything — suffer! 

It took an ambulance ride to teach me that there had to be a better way, but now I l-o-v-e getting to show other photographers how they truly can earn more income while working less hours and it all starts with how we are attracting clients. 

Bottom line, I believe that every single one of us deserves to charge what we are worth and not apologize or feel guilty for it. I hope you’ll checkout the June edition so you can learn how to get the clients you deserve and the pay you are worth.


If you are not familiar with Mozi Magazine, you should totally check them out! This publication comes out quarterly and is packed full of relevant topics, inspiring images and raw talent…this magazine never disappoints. I get excited when each issues comes out, because I always find a few takeaways that I can quickly implement to better both myself and my business.

Go grab your copy and enjoy yourself a lazy summer afternoon! Go ahead, bring your iPad outside, grab a glass of lemonade and enjoy the family and children edition of Mozi Magazine. Okay… Now I’m off to go make some lemonade!

Thank you to the awesome Mozi Mag team for inviting me to be a part of your fabulous publication! It is truly an honor!! xoxo



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