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My Lunch Routine

I have these little things that I like to do for myself just to enjoy my days more. It’s maybe kind of weird or silly? I’m not sure. But I realized that I use to spend my days working as hard as I could. I wouldn’t stop to eat, I wouldn’t take a break and I would constantly berate myself for not getting enough done. 


And then I realized how stupid that was. I was in the middle of reading a business book (I wish I could remember which one), I was reading about lavish indulgences, trips and experiences and I’ll admit I was feeling that little green monster and then I stopped! Instead of feeling jealous about their life, I decided to ask myself about mine. What did I want? What did my perfect week look like? I wrote it down and then I looked at what I could do to ENJOY MY DAYS more. 

I wanted a lunch break most of all. I wanted to stop, enjoy some food and have my creative tank filled. I also wanted to feel pampered more so I made a plan. 

Now, I grocery shop for my lunches and pick stuff that I’m excited to eat (but that’s super fast to make). Some of my favorites are: 

  • Mediterranean Plate (pita, hummus, feta, cherry tomatoes, etc)
  • Lobster & Shrimp Risotto (we have this specialty grocery store that has it pre-made and it’s divine)
  • Caprese Salad with Balsamic Reduction (the Balsamic is amazing and it’s from Cash & Carry, I don’t know if that’s more local NW or around the country). 
  • Left Overs (usually a soup or Thai takeout) 

I also have a stash of my Godiva Chocolates and Sea Salt Caramels (it’s super healthy over here) along with my Snack Cart (but that more for my kids and clients), save my magazines and training videos for my lunch break and take one afternoon a week to go to lunch with a friend, get a massage or get my nails done. 

Sometimes I feel guilty, even typing this makes me feel like I’m exposing something naughty but the truth is…each day is a GIFT and too often we don’t treat it as such. We treat is as a sentence that were just trying to get through.

These indulgences remind me that I’m living a dream…and most importantly that this dream is up to me! 

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