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The Thrive Retreat à la Instagram

Being a photographer can be really lonely, but in the strangest way.

We are constantly interacting through blogs, media platforms and participating in forums or whatever else, so while you are inside the industry, for many you still feel really alone.

At least that was me. In the beginning of my journey I remember wishing I had fellow photographers to talk with, go to lunch with and style up some concept shoot with. I’ll admit to being a not very lovely shade of envy when I’d see photographers that I admired having a fabulous day just playing with another photographer.

I wanted that! I wanted a real-life photography friend!

Fast-forward a few years and an idea sparked. I had a feeling I wasn’t alone in that early wish to have more human photography connection. As members of my business training program, The Thriving Photographer™ started sharing their successes and stories through our private Facebook groups, I longed to really meet them. I wanted to hug them when they were down, happy dance with them when they were celebrating a new sales record and just get to know these amazing photographers who had trusted me to help them grow their businesses! ‘The Ultimate Photographer’s Sleepover”…I told my hubby one night.

I could see how awesome it would be. We could stay in some amazing mansion, get deeper (and real, like you only can when you’re talking face to face) on building a Thrive lifestyle and of course style up some gorgeous shoots for no other reason than to inspire each other! We could stay up late laughing and talking (and possibly even dancing). It was going to be amazing!

The more than 60 women who make up the Thriving Mastermind attendees are my dream come true!

Last week, we had our fourth Thriver’s Mastermind Retreat in Scottsdale, AZ.!! These women were the friends I dreamed of all those years ago. We laughed (#grabbyclown), we cried, we danced, we bonded and we strengthened one another.

This is an Instagram snapshot from our weekend!

When I look at these images I see that dreams come true. That kindness is still alive and well. That dedicated mom’s become younger when we get to take time for themselves (and jump on beds or bond in giant bathtubs). That the power of united women is amazing and that anything is possible! 

Thrive Retreat Photography Workshop

My Thrive Mastermind Girls…Thank you for such an amazing weekend! Thank you for trusting me with your dreams and for letting me be part of your journey!
And most of all thank you for the amazing memories we now share!



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