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Keeping it Real on Ugly Monday

Happy Monday friends!! In honor of Ugly Monday (I never get dressed or wear makeup on Mondays because it’s, ‘lock myself in my office and get caught up’ day)… Any who, in honor of being real and Ugly Mondays… Hear are 5 real facts about me!

1) I have problems with stuttering sometimes, it can last anywhere between a few minutes and after my son was born, 3 months.
2) My kitchen is full of gross fruit flies that I can’t get to leave.
3) I think my 4th grade daughter’s math homework has already surpassed my skill level (okay, I know it has!).
4) I only ever tried out for 3 things: cheer, swim and select choir… I didn’t make any of them.
5) I don’t know how to drive a stick despite my husband, sister and friend all trying to teach me.

What about you? SHARE the image below and post your 5 Reals (don’t forget to tag me so I can read them!)

Be Real

The greatest growth often comes when we are given a window into the truth of someone else’s life. It is then that we realize that we are not alone in who or what we are. It is then that we realize that there is light and hope and goodness on the other side.



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