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Oprah wasn’t built in a day

It’s a good thing to have goals and dreams and wishes and hopes.

It’s a good thing.
It’s a good thing.
It’s a good thing.

Then why do they feel like they sometimes hold me captive? Why do I find myself feeling discouraged and frustrated when those hopes and wishes and dreams and goals are not becoming realitymy reality, fast enough?

We are not supposed to compare ourselves, after all comparison is the thief of joy and yet we do, I do – and it’s true – joy is stolen.

There is a perception of who we want to be, this is often the image we cast on our blogs and social media feeds. It is not that it isn’t true, it is rather that this is our best selves shining brightly.

The not so awesome days and moments often hide in a shadow so not to let the world know.

But everyone has bad days. Everyone needs kindness. Everyone deserves pick-me-ups.

We are all here chasing dreams and hopes and wishes and goals.

Some days they seem far from us, other days we are so close we can almost touch them and every once in a while we realize that all of those wishes are no longer wishes at all because they have just become reality.

In those moments, my greatest wish for you is that you take time to celebrate! I mean really celebrate. Dance, toast, make reservations for that restaurant you can’t afford, light candles, buy yourself something pretty…do something so that you will remember that moment when a dream became reality.

Because no doubt, you will wake up tomorrow with a new dream, a new wish, a new hope, a new goal and it will seem very far away.

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