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3 Things To Do for Your Clients Before Christmas

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In the business of fulfilling last minute deadlines, delivering orders and trying to get our own Christmas shopping done it can be easy to let ‘show appreciation to clients’ fall off the list. But this would be a big mistake. Here are 3 steps you can take to ensure your clients are feeling remembered and appreciated this Holiday season. 

1. SEND CHRISTMAS CARDS – One of the best ways to ensure more Christmas Card orders for next year and to spread Holiday Cheer is making sure that you send your current client list a card from you! I remember my first year in business I was only able to sell 3 clients on Holiday Cards, then I sent everyone our personal family card and the following year everyone wanted to order cards because they had seen the quality and experienced the magic of opening one! We ordered our cards through Pro Digital Photos and have been loving the response! It was so fun watching our clients and friends post when they received our card! And if you need a great template, we have some fabulous freebies in our 12 Days of Giveaways (check out Paper Lark and NAPCP)!

2. SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOUR VIPS – The very best clients from 2014 deserve a little something special, don’t you think? It doesn’t have to cost a lot or be a ton of work, but that extra thought and effort will pay off! Need some ideas? Here are some gift ideas (all for under $25) that we put together in years past.

3. CELEBRATE YOUR CLIENTS – The New Year is a great time to showcase your clients from 2014 and to show your appreciation for their support! We have a great free download for a few more days that will help you celebrate those who supported you in 2014. Side note: Prep your New Year celebration early by having everything designed, drafted, scheduled and ready to post before Christmas so that you can spend your time ringing in the New Year with those that mean the most! 

The end of the year is coming so naturally we reflect on what was great, how we hope to grow and hopefully we take some time to show our appreciation for our wonderful clients. After all, without them – we couldn’t say we were a business! 



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