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Be Open to Introductions

The greatest opportunities come from the hand of a person. When I look at some of my most meaningful opportunities and blessings, they all began with an introduction… An opportunity to get to know another person. A friendship formed with mutual respect often, because we both do what we do with passion. And sometimes, at some future date an opportunity appeared and they thought of me.

I have wondered if some of my opportunities were because they were my friend and not because of my talents. This would leave me feeling bad about myself and believing that I wasn’t worth the recognition for what I’d done. But then I realized, what is even more important that what we do, is who we are.

I do what I do because of who I am. I believe in what I do because of who I am and I strive for what I do because of who I am.

Continue to be who you are meant to be and put yourself in situations where others can help you be what you dream of because of who you are.

Monday Motivation from "every person is a new door to a different world"

Source:  The Gifts of Life



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