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The Kind of Woman I Want To Be

This last week we’ve been at the memorial services for my husband’s grandfather. He was an incredible man who was deeply respected, loved and adored. I remember the first time I met him, he instantly made me feel special and at home and continued to poke at Taylor about how lucky he was to have found me. In the 14 years we were married while he was with us, that never stopped. I loved him for loving and accepting me instantly as one of his own and made a little note to remember that I wanted to be just like him when in-laws make their way into our family someday.

As different members of the family and friends paid tribute to him their was a reoccurring theme of admiration. He had lived a life of integrity and goodness. Brining smiles and warmth into others lives. Any time you attend a funeral, I feel like you can’t help but take reflection on your own life. You measure yourself against the words being spoken and wonder if your life will leave such an impact.

The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t take fortune or fame to make a difference. It takes love, kindness and service… Those are the true measure of greatness.


When I think of how I want to be remembered and known… Words like gumption, grace, kindness, gratitude and generosity come to my mind. That is who I want to be…today, tomorrow, and when I’m remembered. I hope I will live up to such words.

Monday Motivation from "Gumption, Kindness, Grace, Poise, gratitude"

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