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Details of The Thrive Mastermind Retreat (San Diego Edition)

Hello, my name is Leah and I am a sucker for detail. I love, study, and dream details. I’ve planned out details when building each division of my company before I even knew what they were for. My mind thinks in details and then eventually all the details will come together to tell the whole story (at least that’s what we hope will happen).  So, it’s no surprise that it’s in details that I plan and organize the Mastermind Weekends that I teach and host for members of my training program, The Thriving Photographer.

Last month we had our 5th Thrive Mastermind Retreat (it makes me giddy just to say fifth!). This time the weekend event was hosted in San Diego, CA. It was an amazing weekend with amazing women. Today, I thought it would be really fun to show you just a few of the details that go into this experience-driven weekend.

When attendees first arrive at the venue, they might be worried they forgot something or are feeling a little nervous, so upon check-in, they receive a little Retreat Survival Kit. More than anything, it’s there to remind my guests that they are with friends!

Next on the list? Guests are going to want to know they are in the right places at the right time. And who doesn’t want to have an idea of what to expect? So, out comes the retreat workbooks. I love these books! We have them printed by  Pro Digital Photos. They offer double duty as they allow for outlines, schedules, and note taking to all be in one easy and beautiful place. PDP is actually where a lot of my special surprises come from. I am obsessed with their ultra soft paper, you seriously don’t want to stop petting it. I know that’s a little weird – but test me on it, it’s true! And they have some fantastic card templates that really help my mail to stand out from the rest (love their plopper cards!) And of course, I want everyone to stay hydrated and inspired with our custom, ‘she decided’ Thrive tumblers.

The weekend continues to unveil surprise after surprise, from cute Boss Lady pencils to special gifts along the way. Getting to shower my attendees in thoughtful details is my way of showing how much I care and how honored I feel to have them there with me. Hmmm, maybe my love language is details?! 🙂  Of course I can’t reveal all of them, after all – that would ruin the surprise. But I may just share one more post about the details… After all, they are my favorite. 


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Amazing Sponsors to Thank (and that you should really check out):
Thrive Retreat Workbooks – Printed by Pro Digital Photos
5×7 Organic Bloom Frame – The Organic Bloom
Bold & Beautiful Gold Foil Print – Laura Kathryn Creative 
5×7 Jaded Box – The Luxe Brand by Jane Johnson
‘She Decided’ Tumbler – The Thriving Photographer 

Special Shout-Outs to: 
Dear Miss Modern (Styled Stock Images)
B is for Bonnie (Boss Lady Pencils)
Oh Shiny Paper Co. (Thrive Balloon Banner)



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