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PhotoBooth Supply Co. Review

How to build a photobooth biz
You build a great business and then you think ‘all right I did it, time to enjoy it.’ And while I’m a huge proponent of celebrating our success and living the life we imagine, I also know that you can’t actually sit still for too long or all of a sudden you’re going backwards. You have to be looking to innovate, improve, grow… If you’re going to continue to have success. Today, I’m excited to share my newest venture with Photo Booth Supply Co.

It’s critical to me that I be aware of what’s hot, what’s exciting and what people want. By actively seeking out those 3 components, I know I’m staying relevant and aware of what the marketplace wants. And I, like you have been noticing that the marketplace is in love with Photo Booths. And I’m right there with them.

Photobooth Open Air
That’s why I was so excited to meet Brandon of Photo Booth Supply Co. back in February. It all began when I stopped by to say hi to my friends and sponsors over at Drop it MODERN. They pretty much had the most amazing booth ever and inside their airstream (yes! A silver shiny awesome airstream trailer!) was the most fabulous open air Photo Booth setup I’d ever seen. And that’s when they told me that I had to meet Brandon the creator behind Photo Booth Supply Co. because we were totally going to hit it off.

And they were right!

As I played in the Photo Booth and chatted with Brandon, my mind was spinning with ideas to monetize the booth.

Now, if I was a wedding photographer, this booth would be a no-brainer. You know your clients are going to be looking for a Photo Booth. Why not take that piece of the pie as well!? But I’m not. So I had to know how I would monetize this booth to make the investment worth it?

By the time I left his booth, I’d already drafted a mini business plan in my mind as a secondary revenue stream. I should maybe interject here and mention that I dream of business ideas the way a third time bridesmaid dreams of her own chance at the big white gown. Anyway… So there I am dreaming up how to make this profitable.

I live in Seattle, so I knew I was in a great market. My strategy would be corporate. I would reach out and market our booth for company functions. I quickly figured out that if I could book the booth 10 times, I’d more than pay for it. I was also excited because our son has been really wanting his own chance at helping with a business and I knew this could be his chance (hello college savings account). More on that later!

For now, I’m happy to tell you that I am now the proud owner of my very own Photo Booth! Teaming up with PBSCo. has been amazing. They have thought of everything when it came to creating these open air concepts and the clean simple style is perfect. I’ve already used the booth at 3 speaking engagements and volunteered it for the kid’s school carnival. That carnival resulted in 1/2 a dozen inquiries alone.

My first experience with my new booth was only days after it was delivered. I had had the chance to set it up once before I loaded it up in it’s crying case and off we went to the Inspired Retreat in Nashville where I was a keynote speaker. Only days after that, me at the booth headed to Hawaii where I taught the Big Boost Workshop. And a few weeks after that, I took the booth to San Diego for my Thrive Mastermind Retreat. I’m happy to report that it travels really well and I think I’m finally getting the hand of maneuvering it with my other luggage down the terminal! 😉

Photo Booth Backdrops by Town Booth Seattle

Backdrop Sources: Custom Painted Backdrop | Flower BackDrop | Triangle Mod Backdrop (no longer available)  | Gold Sequin Backdrop  |  White Waterfall Backdrop

PhotoBooth Supply Co. plus Drop it Modern
So there you have it! This is my new set up! Photo Booth Supply Co. + Drop it Modern Backdrop = Coolest Photo Booth Ever!

Thinking about getting a Photo Booth, if you have any questions, just ask them in the comments and I’ll answer back!

The Synopsis: My experience with Photo Booth Supply Co. has been great! They are so super thorough explaining in their explanation and training when you get your booth and the way they’ve built these booths is awesome! They are portable, simple to use and well designed. It’s an investment for sure but it can easily pay for itself and become a longterm revenue stream. I’m a huge fan!! 


Use my code: gopbsco  to get $200 off at PBSCo. then let me know after purchase and I’d be happy to set up a 20 minute Skype chat for building your booth biz.




  1. Emilia says:

    I blame you for being obsessed with this photo booth! I can’t stop thinking about it, and right now I’m making plans on purchasing one of these… I’ve seen photo booths in my country but nothing like this, the ones I’ve seen are so bulky and heavy that are a complete turn off, and they don’t have dslr inside, but an HD web cam, it doesn’t even compare.
    I definitely see a market for this booth, and I hope I can purchase one very soon. Thanks for introducing me to this beauty 🙂

    • Ha! They are so awesome! I’m obsessed too! Let me know if you need any help using the coupon code! Would love to help you get that extra savings! We are already starting to book ours out. We have 3 corporate events scheduled already! Super excited!!

  2. Janea says:

    I just purchased mine a month ago! I LOVE it!! I’m actually using it next week for my very first snap happy class called “the photo 101 party!” I’m so excited!! I’ll let you know how it goes! Can I have a 20 minute Skype chat even if I bought it a month ago? ?

  3. Jack Azulay says:

    Hey Leah!
    Great write-up! I came across this product after quite a time of researching photo booths and I now cannot look at any other product and be impressed! It’s so elegant and makes sense for this era!

    Now my big conundrum is, should I buy the printer package?! I want to do weddings as well as any other occasions that would call for it, but it’s a much higher investment without the printer… Are guests still actively seeking a tangible memory of the event or does the social media integration offset this desire??
    Is the printer in their package the only option to work with the equipment?
    Thanks!! Jack
    (P.S. anything you can say to help me convince my wife we need this would help! 🙂

    • Hey Jack! You can buy the printer later… I did find it on Amazon I believe but it made sense to bundle it for me. I have had business customers really like the printer option because it gives attendees a take-away.

      My advise would be to do some research and see how things are looking in your market. Have a marketing plan in place and see if you can start seeing interest before the investment. And last… On a personal note, I can’t even explain how much fun we have with this thing. I’ve brought it to so many girls nights, our New Years Eve Party, even a baby shower and it will be at my 11 year old daughters b-day next. So we are getting tons of fun personal use out of it too!

      Hope that helps!

  4. Sarah says:

    I was already sold, but now I am SUPER sold!!!! Next step is, I need to decide what to call it, and if I wait to give it its own brand identity when I restructure my wedding business or just do it now, and change it later. I am right there with you in that I find this stuff wayyyy too fun!!

    Anyway…. Great write-up, and wishing you the best with building your business!

  5. Nicolette says:

    I would love to chat if you’re still up to helping up and coming photoboothpreneurs! I should’ve getting my Printer + in a few weeks, and any guidance would be very welcome!

  6. Thank you! I was on the fence, but after reading your article and seeing the code, I went for it. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! If you are still doing 20 mins skype, I am definitely interested!

  7. Cesar paredes says:

    Hi, I am going to buy using your code. A question: can I use another printer from same company? Ds-80 ? I think is a more flexible printer. I send this question to photoboothsupply but never got an answer. Why do they say that the lenses on the camera makes no diference in the quality of the picture? My email.

  8. Jessica says:

    Hello, now being 2023 do you still stand by Photo Booth Supply Co? I am interested in purchasing
    a package from them but want to dig into more research from other sources.
    &bWhere are you in life now?

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