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2 Ted Talks for Any Creative Who Wants to Inspire Others

Best ted talks for leaders

I’m just coming off of an amazing business trip, actually two. I started in New York helping a fabulously creative entrepreneur build her business for success. We spent two and half intensive days planning, implementing and building systems, marketing, pricing, collateral — all that good stuff. Of course it’s me, so we also made time for great food and the spa. 🙂 From New York, I flew over to Nashville for a mastermind weekend hosted by my amazing friend, Amber Housley. We all originally met as speakers for Inspired Retreat (if you haven’t attended, I believe there are 3 spots left for the Fall!) Any who, I’m coming off of an amazingly inspiring high. You know that feeling right? When you suddenly are reminded that you can do anything and you can’t wait to get out and prove it! I freaking LOVE this feeling!

But there are times when I lose it. Times when I need some inspiration to get me back there! If you have been feeling that way, I wanted to share 2 videos that have inspired me in the past! These two Ted Talks have had a personal impact on me so now I’m passing them on to you.  Leave a comment after you watch and share your takeaways and thoughts in the comments, I’d love to start a conversation with you!

Simon Sinkek: How great leaders inspire action

Amy Cuddy: Your body Language Shapes Who You Are 



  1. […] who is considered one of the business thought leaders of this time.  If you haven’t seen his Ted Talk, it’s a MUST! He shares how leaders need to understand the impact on those they lead.  He discusses the circle […]

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