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I had just wanted an outlet. That seems so ironic now.

My outlet became a monster. It consumed me, and I’m ashamed to admit that my marriage, my health, and my children all suffered because of it.

I was so unorganized.  I didn’t know how to price myself right.  I had no workflow or systems in place, and I couldn’t figure out how to get clients.  I tried whatever idea dropped onto my screen.  I wasted so much money and time.

I cried a lot back then.

I was sure I was a failure. I was a failure as a mother, a wife, a business owner, and a homemaker.

And I was so, so, so tired.

It took an ambulance ride to get me to wake up. This was not sustainable.  This could not continue. So I set to work!

Everything had to change. And it did.

Slivers of light began to break through the darkest of my clouds. Step by step, I studied, tested, adjusted, and proved what worked. If it didn’t save me time or make me more money, it was thrown to the wayside.

These are my stats from the darkness I felt in 2009 to 2011 when I realized I’d figured out something amazing and had to start sharing it with others.


I want to share what happened in the middle.  I want to share what the pieces were that brought me from wishing and hoping to doing and living the life I’d imagined.

Most importantly, I want to share how I  let go of guilt, found my way, and started feeling joy in motherhood again.

Today I feel whole.  Definitely not perfect, but whole!  The aching pain of guilt, failure, and exhaustion has left.  I am more productive and more profitable then ever before and I’m working less then ever before!

I want you to know how I got here!


I’m offering a brand new live webinar just for moms with photography businesses.  I can’t wait to openly share what I’ve done right, wrong, and in between, and how I’ve been able to find my happy place.

See you Tuesday!





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