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Planning for Success with InkWell Press

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I’m looking for needle movers these days. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of an answer to everything kind-of approach, and if you know of one, please let me know! But the truth is… No one is an overnight success, businesses don’t happen by luck and living your bliss has everything to do with intention and almost nothing to do with happenstance. So if you want big changes, it all seems to start with lots of little steps.

That’s why I’ve learned to look for needle movers. Small actionable strategies that move the preverbal needle just a little closer in the direction I’m heading. Implement enough of them, and that’s when amazing things happens in your life!

Learning to manage my time, become more productive and truly know where my time is best invested has been a ‘needle-moving’ kind of process. I like you, want things to be faster and better, easier and happier. We are a generation who wants to be it all. Great moms, great wives, great entrepreneurs… We’ve got out eye on great! But great just can’t happen without intention, determination and positive strategies.

Well, today I’m excited to have my friend, Tonya of InkWell Press on this episode of Video Friday to share a few strategies on delegating and automating that help her to be a little more great at all that she does!


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