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Are YOU Ready to THRIVE?

I adore Chelsea Humphreys of CMH Designs! She’s one of those people you just want to be around! Chelsea is an original Thriver, and even though it’sLeahandChelsea been years, I can still remember when she reached out to me about The Thriving Photographer™….

I’m a military wife” she explained, ‘in Hawaii‘… ‘so my clients are either tourists or fellow military families‘… ‘how will I make this work?’

Well since that first conversation back in 2012, Chelsea has been teased repeatedly by me that she is my poster-child of Thrive. The girl has killed it! Her sales are some of the highest of all of our Thrivers, her constant wait-list proves she’s creating an amazing experience, and best of all, she’s become a dear friend!

This friendship started on Facebook through our private Thrive group. Then through one-on-one coaching calls until we eventually met in real life in 2012 when she attended my very first Thrive Mastermind Retreat in Florida and last year I flew out to Hawaii to spend time with Chelsea before her next big move and to teach a special class for military spouse photographers. I love this girl (if you can’t tell)!   🙂

Today I’m excited to share her take on The Thriving Photographer! One thing that I think is so fun is to see what different photographer’s take from the program. For many, they just can’t get over what it’s doing for their sales… For others, they can’t believe that they finally have a marketing plan that is working and bringing in clients that before they’d only dreamed of… And still for others it’s about the balance and organization that they are now reintroducing for their children, spouses and business.

I love reading, watching and hearing the success stories of my Thrivers!! If you’re still wondering if this program will help you…. IT WILL!  (And with a money back guarantee, you’ve only got successes to gain!)




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