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Have you missed the boat for creative entrepreneurs?

Creative Business OwnerI’m on Instagram, and I’m looking at some accounts where (if I’m being totally honest) their creativity supersedes anything I could ever hope to have with in my own iPhone holding hands. There they are with beautiful and cohesive images filling their little grids. They’ve already done it, and their follower count proves it. And I wonder…have I already missed the boat.

You see an artist. They are creating beautiful work. Work that resonates with the same artistry that is in your own heart. Only there work is flying off the shelves. Their following proved that others love them. And you wonder… have I already missed the boat.

You have a dream to start your own business and to share your message, your creativity, your art with the world. You decide to do a little research and find that there are others doing exactly what you want to do, and they are doing great. In fact, what they are putting out there looks so good, you want some of it yourself. And you wonder… have I already missed the boat.

It’s no longer a pond. It’s an ocean swimming with all kinds of creatives in every shape, size, depth, and variety. It’s easy to believe that there is no room left for you.

But this… this is when you have to dig deep. This is when you have to know you’re why.

That why that says, “I do this because I love it. Because I believe it. Because…

I don’t want to be doing anything else.”

And in that moment, you know – there is always going to be room for you. The boat has not set sail without you. The boat is waiting for you to steer its course in a new and incredible direction.



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