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Welcome to 2017!

I’m going to be honest, 2017 makes me nervous. I don’t know what 2017 has in store. As in, I have no idea.

I’m pretty sure as a strategist/mentor/whatever I’m not supposed to admit that. Some might say I should act like I have everything together, and all planned out, that I know exactly where I’m headed. I’ve always believed that being honest and vulnerable is the better choice. The thing is, typically I do have it “mostly together”, and that makes this feel even stranger. Because I honestly have no idea what comes next.

We have spent the last seven months traveling the world, and the truth is, I don’t want to be done. I want to go back out; I want to be surrounded by people, places, and cultures I’ve never experienced. I want to have my only focus be my little family, my laptop and trying to figure out where we are going next. But, it was time to come home.

So here we are. Home. And I have no idea what happens now. 2017 is truly a blank page for us, so blank that I can’t even see the faint outline of what this picture is going to be.

And while that is scary, I can also choose to see it as exciting. Some moments make that easier than others. But, it’s a choice. I choose to be excited, or I choose to be scared… Sometimes I’m exSCAREted.

Maybe 2016 fell short for you. Maybe it was so wonderful you can’t even imagine how this year can compete. Maybe you fall somewhere in between. 

No matter what emotions you’re meeting 2017 with, we can all make the decision to trust.

Trust that this year will develop just as it’s supposed to.

Trust that you, yes you, are meant to leave an impression.

Trust that life will unfold in direct proportion to your courage.
I don’t know what 2017 is going to bring… But I’m choosing to trust. I am trusting that not only is there a plan for me (and for you) but that it will be made known as we’re willing to look for it.

This is why my 2017 word is TRUST.



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