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She did it HER way – 4

Welcome to our 4th installment of The HER WAY Series, featuring the very different but each wildly successful photography businesses of incredible women.

If you missed any of the past 3, stop right now and watch those first! They are so inspiring!

Katie’s story  – a military wife of 2 babies who replaced her full-time teaching salary with her part-time photography dream biz.

Brooke’s story  – a full-time studio owner who went from frazzled to expanding yet balanced.

Jess’s Story – a single mom who took a huge leap, leaving corporate American for her dream of being a Senior photographer and won huge!

Today success story comes from the middle of a cornfield, literally. You may believe that where you are will stop what you dream of, Sarah’s story inspires all of us to believe that bigger is possible no matter where you are!


This series will continue only while The Thriving Photographer is open for enrollment. Don’t wait to write your success story, it’s right here and ready for you! It’s your turn, but your window is short! Thrive enrollment CLOSES THIS THURSDAY, June 22nd.

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