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Flamingo Desktop Wallpaper Organizer & Flamingo Printable


Two things I love… watercolor (even though I personally have basically zero talent for it) and flamingos.

The Flamingo is such a majestic beautiful creature! It’s a dream of mine to see them in their natural environment one day!

This month as we go into the middle of summer here in the states, I thought it would be fun to feature the flamingo.

The truth is, we all have days where we need a reminder that we are flamingos and not pigeons, and that’s what this month’s Desktop Organizer is meant to do for you! Download this desktop & our whole collection!


Need a little help understanding how to use your desktop organizer? No problem, we have a short video to introduce you to the organized desktop from Leah Remillet.


Organize Your Desktop in 10 Minutes



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