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Why the Prenup Requires Couples Only Trips

Before we ever even had kids, Taylor and I made the decision that we wanted to make sure we never stopped making time for each other and that includes vacations. Our kids might take up the majority of our life right now (which I love!!) but one day, they are going to leave us, even if I do try the whole ‘hanging onto their ankles’ so they can’t walk out the door thing.

When the kids were little we did every other vacation…Kids go with us camping, then we go on a cruise. Kids go with us to Disneyland, then we go to Disneyworld. You can see it was distributed very fairly. But in our defense, they were still in strollers and Disneyworld with 3 kids in strollers would not have been fun – plus then I’d have had to go on the big rides solo.

As they got older we started bringing them on the cool stuff more and more… And since we took them to travel the world for 8 months, I feel like that should mean that for the rest of their life they must report to their future therapist that they had the coolest, most adventurous parents ever. 🙂

Back to couples only trips…

I have friends who would never leave their kids for anything, and I’ll be honest – that’s just sad to me. Now I totally get, not having someone to leave your kids with – that’s different. But having awesome parents who would watch your kids but not utilizing that grandparent goodness is just sad to me. I mean yes, I love being with my kids – they are legit awesome and now they’re at these amazing ages where we love hanging out like real people. Just last night while I sat in my hotel room eating cookie dough, I was wishing so bad my kids were with me. (Okay, so many not super mature real people).

But here’s the truth, the reason I have these kids to adore is because I found my best friend and partner for eternity. And since he’s going to be with me a l-o-n-g time, I don’t want to ever lose what makes us, us.  The best way I know how to do that is to blend past and future by constantly growing together while also reconnecting to what sparked us in the beginning. My favorite way to do that is going on adventures.

So we recently went to Thailand with some amazing friends and it was awesome! As in, probably my favorite vacation ever.



If Thailand is not on your bucket list or you’re afraid of flying and the distance seems too far to be worth it, have someone knock you over the head with a club and drag you on the plan – it’s that worth it!

We had our dead skin eaten by fish in a night market in Bangkok (see above), played with an 8-day old baby elephant in Chang Mai….

And stayed at the stunning Ko Phi Phi resort, living out what seriously felt like a Bachelor episode (without all the competition).   

Oh, and BTW – there’s no prenup. Neither of us had anything to our names to protect back then. 🙂

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