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Would YOU open the gift? (not that one!!)

What do you need right now?

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that we all need something.

Maybe you need to hear some validation? Or you need clarity on what direction you should be going? Maybe you need an answer on how you’re going to cover rent or if this dream is worth fighting for. Maybe, you just really need someone to bring you a taco.

Life has this way of turning us up and down, that’s the truth of it.

But if I could give you anything, I’d give you this:

1. I’d give you permission to have 100% followthrough for 1 week. Can you even imagine? What would that even feel like? If we’re willing to get raw, we’d both admit that so many of our problems are self-inflicted. And even the ones that weren’t started by us, are often prolonged by us.

2. I’d surround you with people who inspire the crap out of you.  If you don’t have people whose passion, commitment, fire, enthusiasm, and power doesn’t scare you a little – then you need to either inspire those people to grow with you or you need new people. Find a tribe, find a mentor, but get surrounded by people you admire.

3. I’d shine a giant light bulb emoji on top of every possibility that shows up for you in your life. Here’s the thing – we’re all presented with problems AND possibilities every single day, but most people miss the possibilities completely because they’re too focused on the problem to notice.

What would even 48 hours with these do for you? But friend, while I can’t give these to you – YOU CAN! You’re that powerful. The question is, will you open the gift?

Now if you’re feeling brave, I’d love for you to leave a comment and tell me what popped into your head FIRST when I asked you what you need.



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