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Friday Five (Organization Edition)

It’s been a hot minute since I shared a Friday Five. I love creating these because if you and I were sitting on my couch, drinking peppermint tea chatting, I would probably bring all of these things up and some point. They are  few of my current favorite things.

You’re going to definitely notice a theme here, I’m really into getting my life and business organized and systemized. Every so often it’s time for an overhaul so I can get things back to how I like them and this current obsession all started with Clea & Joanna and The Home Edit.


Favorite Recent Binge – The Home Edit on Netflix


Favorite Quote

For every business owner who has ever spent way longer than they meant to in their inbox. If that’s you, this quote is from a recent blog post about organizing your email because an inbox with a system feels amazing and it’s not as hard as you think it is! In fact, you only need 3 steps to make it happen and it’s all laid out in this blog post, because seriously – an organized inbox.

You email inbox is a never-ending to do list that someone is writing.


Favorite Read

The Magic of Thinking BIG is in my top 5 that I believe everyone should read! Just trust me, if you haven’t read it – get it right now! It’s one I’m making my husband and kids read – it’s that good.

Favorite Space

How dreamy is this pantry that I recently pinned? I’m such a sucker for white on white on white, and this beauty by the always amazing Studio McGee has me swooning. #organizationgoals for sure. If only my pantry has even a resemblance of a good layout to create any one of the gorgeous pantries I seem to always be pinning.


Favorite Weekend Plans

This weekend is General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It only happens twice a year (the first weekend of April and October). I literally look forward to the next one, the second one ends – it’s a really big deal in our house. Gen Conf. is where the leaders of our church, both men and women share messages of hope and faith – available to the entire world. We stream it from home with some 16 million others tuning in from every corner of the globe and it’s happening this weekend! I seriously can’t wait! This is where I fill my cup, organize all my spiritual goals for the next 6 months, and get answers to my questions.

But as much as I love the messages, I also love our traditions! Let’s be honest, our traditions are pretty much all around food! One of which is that we do a crepe bar on Saturday between sessions and I seriously can’t wait to get to work on it, so I can eat it!

My two favorite crepe combos are Bananas and Nutella and Lemon Curd and fresh fruit (either strawberry, blueberries, or raspberries). What about you? What toppings would you want at my crepe bar if you were coming over?


There you have it, that’s my current Friday Five.



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