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Boundaries: Saying Yes Means Saying No Somewhere Else (Episode 4)

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In today’s episode, we are talking about how we let go of all the things, narrow in on a few things, and figure out how to say no with some grace so you don’t have to feel like, or look like, a total schmuck. Here’s the thing: when we say yes to everything, we really are saying no to other things. I’ve brought in Nikki Nash to talk with us about how we get to this place where we can say no unapologetically and in a way that just exudes grace. Let’s jump in!

This will help:

  • Anyone who needs help saying NO without guilt
  • Those creating new boundaries
  • Anyone overwhelmed by doing ALL the things!

In this episode: 

2:34 How To Start Narrowing In
6:21 Learning to Say No Without Fear
09:56 Getting Clear on What is a Heck No and What is a Heck Yes
15:35 What is Real Wealth
20:03 Getting Better at Saying No


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