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Stuck in a Rut? Try this! (Episode 8)

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This month we had a great question come in about feeling stuck. Listen, I don’t know if there is a single one of us who hasn’t felt stuck, like just mentally stuck. If you haven’t, either you’re just super new in business still, or you’re just not being honest with yourself. Because we all have times where we feel stuck.

In this episode I am sharing some of the ways you can get yourself out of a rut and get back to feeling good and excited about your business again.


Sometimes you’ve just gotta do something to shake things up.  I’m envisioning maracas, just shaking around like crazy.

Think about what you can do to shift and move some things or everything around?

It could be tangible, like completely changing your hair, changing your office, changing where you work. Or it could also be more subtle where it’s not something that is externally seen, but for you, it is something totally different. Try something hard or something new.


One of the things that I’ve thought about over and over ever since I started my business is that when I first started, I had a lot of time to dream and to research and to learn and to grow. Then you start getting more successful, and while that’s exactly what you wanted, one of the things that we often let go of is that space and that time that we used to create, to learn to grow, because there are only so many hours in a day. Now those hours are filled with money making opportunities, but we can really hurt ourselves if we cut all of those things out. Those are our inspiration.

So one thing is to try to carve out some space and some time for growth, for learning, for personal development, and for just being creative.


Let’s think about  little kids. They have to experience new all the time. They don’t get a choice. Every single year, they’re in a new classroom. They’re learning some new skill.

Whether it’s time to learn how to go potty on the big kid potty, or it’s ride a bike or it’s navigate middle school, or it’s learn how to open a locker. (Oh, that one killed me.) Or it’s entering high school, trying a new sport, trying a new activity. A child’s life is filled with novelty.

Now, think about your days. Think about your life. Do you have enough novelty in there? Are you trying new things? Are you putting yourself outside of your comfort zone?

As a child you were navigating new things and being forced out of your comfort zone all the time. That right there is proof that you can be brave and that you can be challenged. So if you’re in that mental rut, if you’re feeling stuck, look for where you can find some novelty where you can shake things up where you can try something new, put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. And I really, really think you’re gonna find yourself pleasantly surprised.

It  fascinates me that it’s actually pretty easy to go from feeling like you’re just totally stuck in a rut and everything is blah to going to bed and you’re like, everything’s awesome.

And just some little things changed. I want you to try these things out and see how that helps and here’s to getting out of that rut! 


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