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More Than Just A Mom with Neha Ruch of Mother Untitled (Ep 54)

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This episode is for all my stay-at-home moms. I’m going to tell you a secret. When I started the podcast, I never imagined anything but small business owners listening, but when I started getting emails and DM from SAHM, I was surprised and so so honored!

One thing I often hear in conversations, typed across emails, is… “I’m just a mom.”

Ummm. No way. No how!

You are not just a mom. You ARE A MOM! And there is nothing more selfless, no influence on earth more powerful than that of a mother!

Which is why I’m so excited for this episode! Neha Ruch, the founder of Mother Untitled, is joining me today. Her platform was founded for ambitious women who are leaning into family life, so in other words – stay-at-home mamas!

Neha started Mother Untitled back in 2017 when she had her son and decided to slow down her career so that she could make a shift and focus on family. She noticed that there was a lot of guilt and shame in some women for wanting to take a break or shift their careers for motherhood. Neha is here to show that there’s a new wave of women who are making thoughtful choices to lean into family life and that it’s totally okay to do so.

This episode will help:

👉To remind us to let go of expectations and focus on the things that make our families feel good and bring joy
👉Stay at home moms celebrate the power of redefining accomplishment and setting personal goals 
👉Anyone listening remember the importance of personal growth, fulfillment and investing in yourselves and your passions.

In this episode:

1:52 Rebranding motherhood
10:43 Redefining Accomplishment and setting personal goals
17:54 Embracing Family Life
20:43 Asking for Help, yes even as a Full Time SAHM
26:27 The Power of Putting Your Phone Away

Not Just A Mom

According to Neha, it’s important to change the narrative around stay-at-home moms because the old stereotype just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Redefining Accomplishment

Redefining accomplishment and setting personal goals that have nothing to do with their children’s achievements. Neha encourages women to explore their passions and invest in themselves. Whether it’s volunteering, taking classes, or pursuing hobbies, it’s all about doing what makes you happy!

Investing in Self Development

Embracing Family Life

Asking For Help

Put The Phone Down



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