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Are You Blogging?

If you aren’t already, set up a photography blog! It’s a great way for you to show off your work and get your name out there. I do a sneak peak from each shoot and put them on the blog for the family, they can than forward my blog or (I give them permission because I have a signature stamp on all my images and they are set to low resolution quality) to pull them off and put them on their own blog as long as they link back to me! The first natural light photographer I ever found was because a friend had pictures done and linked it all to her blog, I than went and checked out his work, fell in love and had my own family portraits done! 

The two most popular blogging types for photographers are blogger & type pad. I use blogger for one simple reason, it’s free and I don’t have any extra $$ just yet (still in the start up phase remember). But here are a few articles you can use to compare for your self… 

(by the way this next blog is a favorite of mine! I check it every day!!)

As always, comment and leave your own tips or just let me know if this helped. 

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