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A New Logo – Image Sells!

As much as I would have loved to have had someone else design my logo, the funds are definitely just not there, as of yet so that means it was all up to me. Presentation is TRE Important, (sorry I’ve been watching Eloise with the girls) there is a reason the big dogs shell out a lot of money for their image. Presentation Sells. My husband once bought an $8 bottle of water because he loved the packaging (the bottle was glass)… I want to try Vita Dolce Chocolates because there packaging is soooo uber cute, you just know the chocolate has to be fantastic!!! 

Bottom line – image matters! And for most of us, our websites & blogs are our  first chance at impressing our potential clients! Take a look at the photographers we all absolutely LOVE… They offer more than great work, the presentation is beautiful too. As photographers, we are selling the fact that we have a creative eye! We will loose a lot of credibility if our virtual store fronts aren’t up to par. 

Above is my original logo: And at the time of creating it I was so happy with it(and it was my first attempt). 
But as I’ve grown into my own a little, I’ve realized I wanted something a little different. Something a little more my personality. What I’d really wanted was to have this cute bird I have in my head in there somewhere too, but I couldn’t find the right bird so another logo will make a dawn another day… But for now, I’m very excited about my new logo:

This time I spent a little money (not much) but still more than my original logo (happened to be free). I bought a commercial license for the frame and than started creating a background and playing around with the text. I started this little project at about 11pm and finished at about 5am this morning. When I get excited about something, I just can’t stop. It’s still not exactly what I wanted, there is a little tinkering to do, mainly because I want my colors to be chocolate brown, green and white – not black. But since I could not figure out how to change that just yet I (and my head was starting to bob in front of the screen) it will have just have to wait. 
I think if you are unsure, stay simple! If you have a little extra dough or just know that you don’t have the creativity or time to create your own… Here are some cool sites I like to drool over. Jen Thompson’s work is tre impressive! She’s my most favorite to drool over. If you can swing it, I highly suggest using her. There is no question she’ll bump you to the next level or maybe even up a few levels (she’s that good!)

Here are a couple more worth noting:

Also, a little random I must admit… If you love to read novel’s (and I do) here is a fun one that totally got me inspired about image. Plus it’s a british book – which I love because than I get to read the whole thing with my awesome English accent that I wish so badly I really had! 

Lastly – if you find these posts useful, entertaining, something that brings a happy thought… Please become a fan and leave comments. I’m happy to keep this blog going and I know my google analytics that a lot of people are stopping by… But it would be great to get feedback!I’m one of those creative people who strives on positive reinforcement! It’s a flaw. Thanks.



  1. jennalou says:

    I'm no ps pro, but the way I would turn a black graphic brown is this:

    Select> Color range> Select shadows to grab all the black.> Click on the paint bucket> Change the continuous button so even if there is a break in the color all black is effected.

    Also if there is too much detail for this to work you could just try selective color under the circle that's half black half white (sorry… don't know what it's called… told you I'm not a pro!). Select black and then change the color dials until it looks brown. this might actually be easier.

    Hope that helps. I've been playing around in ps ALOT lately so I'm sorta getting the hang of a few things… or at least making them work my own way haha. Love your blog…. keep up the great posts!

  2. Photographer: Leah Remillet says:

    Thanks Jenna. You’re so awesome. I’m gonna try this tonight!

  3. Shannon says:

    I just wanted to post a note that I LOVE your blog. I am just starting out with my photography business and I find so many things on your blog very useful to me.

    Thank you so much for what you are doing.


  4. Clair says:

    The logo looks great! I like the shade of green you used. And I hope you got to take a nap today. 🙂

  5. Deb says:

    here’s another way of changing the color of something. very easy and quick!!! and the best way so that you don’t affect any other layer or color…

    since you want to change the black to brown. make sure everything is in layers. right above the layer of the item that is black, go to your layer adjustments/solid color. choose the color brown you would like. it puts a solid color layer on top of the black graphic you are wanting to change. hit ctrl + g to group the two together. which you have to have the solid layer selected. then in the layers palette, hit the arrow to the right and then merge down. that will merge to the 2 layers together without affecting any other layer. voila!!! you just changed the black to brown.

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