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I’m so excited, {da, da, da, da, dah} and I just can’t hide it. {da, da, da, da, dah} I’m about to loose control and i think I like it!

If you are in the market to start building your website – you have to use BLUDOMAIN! I have been drooling over these little gems for quite a while now and it was my turn to get one.

I can’t stop ranting and raving about them. I love having my site! It was SOOO easy to create and so flexible. I had way to much fun making it and now I can’t wait to add to it as time goes on! I love that I now have a proofing section on my site (instaproof is great and I was really happy with them) but this is just on a whole new level and no more paying a cut either! And try to copy an image off my site – can’t happen. Ok -maybe there is a way (I’m not very technical savvy, but as far as I can tell… You can’t!)
They are actually really reasonably priced too! They are broken into the $100 category (really think $200 – because whether you host with them or not you pay an additional $100-  I hosted with BluDomain) and the $400 category (think $500, again for hosting). When I was first thinking, oh someday I want a website I was thinking I’d have to spend way more than a couple hundred!!
You can go take a look at my new site and than check out BluDomain next! I got Finely. I have been SO happy with Blu, all my questions (ok I only needed to ask 2) were answered super fast and when I was ready to go live (at 2am) my site was up and ready with me the next morning!
I even have a favicon now!! I don’t know why, but I have an infatuation with favicons. (A favicon is the little logo up on the left by the website address – with this blog is the orange blogger logo by the http://.) And now I have one of my very own! I feel so cool!!!
I LOVE MY BLUDOMAIN SITE!! If you love yours or love what you see, make sure you leave some love here!


  1. Jennalou says:

    If I ever go pro I’m totally going with BluDomin! Great site.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just a quick note about saving your images off of your website… all of the images that you display on your website are first downloaded to the browser's cache, and they are then available from there. I did a quick test on your site, and I was able to get every single image that I viewed through my browser's cache without any hassle. It took about 30 seconds (literally), and they were all readily available for me to use on anything I wanted.

    Also, press the print-screen key on your keyboard, then open up photoshop and create a new document, then press ctrl-v (paste)… this will paste in the entire screen, including your images. If you want one specifically, just crop it out of the larger image.

    Windows Vista also comes with a built in screen grabber called "snipping tool" that can be used to snip any image you want off of a screen.

    I do love bluedomain and all of their awesome websites, but you shouldn't consider your images protected by using their software.

  3. Bartolomeo Photography says:

    Hello. Was just looking at your blog, its great. I too have a bludomain site, just curious, how do you get the favicon?

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