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The Pioneer Woman – FREE ACTIONS by TRA

I love actions… LOVE THEM! If I could I’d spend thousands on actions and textures and digital papers and digital stamps and okay – you get the point. So as you can imagine, I get REALLY happy when I can get my hands on some FREE ACTIONS!! Oh do I ever. So I downloaded some free actions a couple weeks ago from The Pioneer Woman and wanted to test them out a bit before I recommended them… And well, they are SOOOO worth recommending! They were created by Totally Rad Actions (which I do have 1 set from) especially for The Pioneer Woman Site and they really are great! Here is the link, read the info and scroll down to the bottom to download. Also take some time to explore the sight, there are great tutorials and so much more available to learn!

Here are 2 examples of my own use from a couple shoots over the weekend….

With the F&C Action I used the 2 eye layers to enhance the tree bark, tutu and overall color. I wanted to bring out the white on the trees so using the eye brightener was a perfect answer.
(BTW – I did add a gold texture overlay to the top)

Here is the SOOC (straight out of camera) image. I would normally NEVER crop from a portrait to landscape or vice-versa but in this case it was my best choice to really create a whimsical forestry pixie land. Also notice how drab the trees are in the original.

I used LOVELY AND EARTHEAL on this one among other things. I LOVE that I can go into each layer and adjust to fit the overall mood I’m trying to set. Thats the mark of a great action!

And the SOOC

I’m going to have to continue with this theme! I’ve found a few other awesome free actions and tutorials worth mentioning. Soon I hope.


  1. senovia says:

    I agree! I use her actions a lot! It's fun to go in a play and see what you end up with!

  2. Charlotte's Fine Art Photography says:

    I got these actions a while back as well. Have been meaning to try them out a bit more. Thanks Leah for reminding me that I have them!

  3. Intertwined says:

    Be careful with fresh and colorful. It LOVES to blow the red channel!!! 🙂

  4. northdakotablonde says:

    wow actions really do add that *pop* to your photos!

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