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Ever get stumped for a pose?

Do you ever hit a mental block in the middle of shooting? I seem to! I get close to the end of the shoot and my mind just starts to draw a blank and I NEED more ideas… I saw some cool posing books online and thought about buying one but wasn’t sure how much i would love the images… As new photographers we are constantly looking at other photographer… And when say others, I of course mean those who we aspire to be. Well I have made quite the collection of favorite images and filed them by session type/category. I had contemplated printing them but knew the quality would be horrible as they are all saved for the web and didn’t really feel like contacting each photographer for permission. Well I finally have a place to put them…


I love it. I can stop wasting trees to print directions to new clients homes and just map it out on my phone, I have an app to track orders and even an app for animoto in case I want to show a potential client a quick video (your phone just became a marketing tool – sweet!). Now I’m not trying to advertise for apple – it just happen to be what I have, I know other phones do the same thing!

So the best part. I can go into my photos, pick the album that matches my shoot and *quickly* flip while we walk and talk and get new ideas and nobody is the wiser.

I love that I found a perfectly great way to justify my new phone – *wink*. But seriously, it’s all about growing the biz and making yourself better. And this is one simple little way to throw out your own life ring when you forget how to swim momentarily.


  1. Alice Clark says:

    LOVE this idea… I don't have the iPhone (had the iPod touch at one point but sadly it was STOLEN! *cry cry*) but I do have a blackberry which is just as easy to scroll through pictures! I think I may just try this!

you said:

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