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Reactions to my FACTions…

I feel a little sheepish with this post but…

I really, really like comments. And I think everyone who has a blog should be able to relate. So you will forgive me for my less that tactful post. Have you ever done a shoot, put up the sneak peak and gotten no comments? than you can relate. I do all the time, they always seem to email me back instead of leaving a comment – but I really like comments. Good, bad, ugly (okay I will admit I prefer good) but all the same …


I appreciate the feedback, I’d love to know what you would like me to focus on or write about or get much better photographers than I to write about. So if you are one of the MANY (and I know there are MANY because I use google analytics) please leave comments when something really pops out for you. It gives me encouragement for this blog and since this is just a side thing I started to help fellow photogs it’s important, it’s what will keep this blog going strong.

Comment, comment, comment… And don’t forget if you don’t have words you can at least offer a reaction, just check awesome, will try or huh.


Thank you!


  1. Valerie says:

    Hello there! I guess I will start here. I have been enjoying reading your blog. You have been providing me(photo biz newbie)a lot of ideas, insights and inspriation.

    Pleaes do not get disencouraged, you know we appreciate what you have done for us.

    And I THANK YOU! 🙂



  2. *Jennifer* says:

    i feel the exact same way about my blog, but have to admit i am bad about reading and running on other blogs. thanks for the reminder, I will do better about commenting!

  3. Meredith says:

    I just happened to stumble across your website early this week. I started at your most recent posts and just kept reading, and reading and reading! This morning I decided that I wanted to go on your entire journey and I’ve decided to read your blog from the very beginning. I’m getting ready to start the portfolio building stage myself and I’m super excited! You seem like an amazing person and photographer and I’m looking forward to soaking up all of your info. Keep on inspiring!

    • Wow!!! Well don’t I just adore you! Thank you so much for introducing yourself and being so excited about my blog!! Truly, thank you!! I’m really excited for you to read it, I’d LOVE to know which ones were your very favorite and when you get to the very end what you’d love for me to cover next!

      And make sure you head over to the Facebook page because the freebie just unlocked!! Shhhh. Nobody knows yet!

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