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The only PRO in Digital Photography I (please don’t tell)

Today is my last day of Digital Photography I. I signed up for the class through a local college to see what more I could learn. As the class wraps up it’s time to share some thoughts.
I took the class for 2 simple reasons.
1. I want to be better. I always want to be growing and I mean that in every aspect of my life – not just photography. I read countless books but I’m a visual person (go figure I love photography). I can read and read and it just won’t feel solid until I can see. The time requirements were manageable and although I new some of it would probably be beneath my skill level there would be more that I could pick up and use!
2. Cost. I have a very limited budget and although money is coming in from photography it does not currently get to be pored back into the business. For now it must go to my family until my hubby gets the ‘Dr.’ in front of his name and can take back over. So with a limited budget I would look at workshops offered by Brianna Graham, Amy Wenzel, MiaBella Training by Leah Profancik, Nichole V or Jasmine Star to name just a few and I drool and dream and wish and hop that my fairy godmother will appear and get me one of those magical spots but with my current ledger, I just had to come up with something different. My total for the class and books was $300. I think I can confidently say it was worth the money.
I don’t feel like I walked away with this BAM BETTER feeling. (I thing I should just maybe coin that term ‘bam batter’ or maybe we could nickname it BB – if you think it’s as cool as me, you are welcome to intergrade it into your daily conversations too). So, I don’t think I am BAM BETTER, but I have subtly improved especially in photoshop. Of course the class was NOT catered to those trying to be professional photographer (and I might add that I kept that a secret), but I did learn something. I think probably going to a workshop would give you that instant BB because it actually is catered to those trying to be pro but for the price and based on the above mentioned I’m glad I did it. In fact, I registered today for my next class, dark room to help me understand the more technical aspect of things.
I enjoyed that it was all about ART! It helped me to enjoy and love THE ART of photography more. It wasn’t about getting the pose, the smile, or capturing the dress from grandma for an 8×10 but rather more about capturing ART for the sake of beautiful light and art. These are a few images from my final project that will be gracing my blog come Fall.




  1. Clair says:

    love your photos and yes, I agree it is nice to said aside that "what makes a good portrait" checklist now and then and look at a photo for the pure art of it.

you said:

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