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Better with Bokeh

We talked a little about Bokeh not too far back. Bokeh is the blurry part of a picture and it helps determine the depth of field. When your subject is sharp and the back ground is blurry, that blur lets you know that your subject is closer to you than it’s background. A large depth of field. It gives your subject that 3D effect that makes you feel like you can reach out and touch him.

When your entire photo is crisp, with no bokeh, it’s harder to tell how close or far away your subject is to her background. It gives a 2D feel, where your subject could be flush with her background.
Bokeh is a technique that I love! I’m definitely not saying you have to go out and make sure that all your pictures have blur in it but I’m merely describing the effects that it gives us. I love me a crisp photo too especially with great texture in the background, but for this homework assignment we want pictures with bokeh in it. YUP! Email pictures to and we’ll posts your photos next Monday. Can’t wait to see what you got!


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